This ‘Answering Questions about Medicines’ training package (workbook and associated resources), has been commissioned by Health Education England (HEE) and has been produced by pharmacy professionals working in NHS Medicines Information Services, that are part of the UKMi network.

The aim of this package is to help build your confidence in the skills and knowledge you need to answer questions about medicines, whichever sector you work in, and to give you ways of thinking about things so that you can approach answering questions in a structured way.

We have developed a suite of podcasts and bitesize audio ‘micro-teaches’ for you to listen to. These links are in the appropriate sections of the workbook but we thought that it would also be useful for you to have them in one place.

Please note some links open in Google podcasts for which you will need to log in to your google account to listen to this content.

Answering Questions about Medicines MI Skills Workbook

Topic categoryTitle
MethodologyHow to take in a question
 How to plan a search strategy
What to ask about toxic ingestions
‘How to’ topicsHow to think about renal function
 How to think about IV compatibility
 How to think about drug interactions
 How to think about legal questions
 How to think about medicines stability (compliance aids)
Short audio on terms used when dating a pregnancy
SkillsShared decision making
Critical appraisal and pharmacoeconomicsSummary statistics – absolute risk reduction and number needed to treat
 How to think about odds and odds ratios
 How are medicines funded in the NHS in England
 Pragmatic critical appraisal


RDTC was commissioned as part of Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) to write the content for SPS Safety in Pregnancy – training resources and information on treating common conditions in pregnancy.

The Medicines Learning Portal is a useful resource for trainee and foundation level pharmacists. It is primarily aimed at hospital pharmacists but much of it is also useful to pharmacists in other sectors. It is designed to provide resources and expertise that will help UK pharmacists at the beginning of their careers to tackle the clinical problems that will confront them throughout their professional lives.