NMS and ADR Reporting

New Medicines Service and Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring
The New Medicine Service (NMS) is the fourth advanced service for community pharmacy. It is designed to provide early support to patients to maximise the benefits of the medication they have been prescribed.

The introduction of the NMS provides an opportunity to increase adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting by community pharmacists and patients:

  • Yellow card submission (from pharmacists andpatients) is one of the outcome measures of the NMS.

Community pharmacists can play an important role in promoting Yellow Card reporting by patients. For example, as part of the NMS consultation, a Yellow Card patient leaflet can be given to those who are prescribed Black Triangle (black triangle) drugs or to those who have recently experienced a serious ADR.

Please contact the centre if you require advice or assistance in Yellow Card reporting (including provision of Yellow Cards and patient leaflets [free of charge] or delivering talks on this subject).