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The UK Teratology Information Service ( is a national service commissioned by Public Health England on behalf of all UK health departments and hosted by Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  We provide free, up-to-date evidence-based advice regarding medications, chemicals, illicit drugs and alcohol that may pose a risk in pregnancy.

Information is provided to health professionals via a telephone information service and online through TOXBASE®, which holds the full pregnancy review documents produced by UKTIS on maternal exposures to drug and chemicals.  Access to TOXBASE® is free to NHS and NHS-affiliated departments, units and practices in the UK. Please visit to register.

Summary documents can be accessed via

Bumps – best use of medicines in pregnancy is our website specifically designed for pregnant women and their families. It can be accessed via

A key role of UKTIS is to collect pregnancy outcome data from women who have been exposed to drugs and chemicals in pregnancy.  This surveillance provides prospective data on the incidence of fetal complications.  Such information is fundamental to expanding the limited available data on which to base advice and contribute to the provision of an individual risk assessment for a pregnant woman exposed to drugs and chemicals, and preconception advice for men and women concerning drug and chemical exposures. These follow up data are included in UKTIS monographs and are also published in peer reviewed journals.

Further information can be obtained from our website,

Contact us
For NHS Health Professionals Only
Tel. 0344 892 0909  09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday
Outside of these hours, urgent enquiries only
Fax. 0191 261 8839

Who uses this service?
We welcome telephone enquiries from UK National Health Service healthcare professionals.

If you are a patient, please contact your GP or midwife asking them to contact UKTIS on your behalf, or visit for information.

Who works here?
UKTIS have a dedicated team of clinicians and scientists who specialise in teratology related activities including regional, national and international research projects, studentships, teaching and training, regular attendance at teratology related conferences and meetings and literature searching specifically in the area of reproductive toxicology.

When can I contact the service?
Opening hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00
Outside of these hours, the service is available for urgent enquiries only

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