Regional Medicines Information Service

About us

At the Regional Drug and Therapeutics Centre we provide a comprehensive answering service to support NHS healthcare professionals deal with clinical questions across a wide range of therapeutic, pharmaceutical and pharmacological issues to achieve better outcomes for patients and optimise medicines use.

At a UK level the team works within the UKMi network and is part of the NHS England commissioned Specialist Pharmacy Service contributing to a range of workstreams including:

  • Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees
  • Medicines Q and As
  • IV Monograph quality assurance
  • Medication safety projects
  • Horizon scanning for the impact of new medicines

Why use our Medicines Information Service?
In recent years the impact of the internet has led to an increasing amount of information being available to patients and prescriber. Access to a broad range of reputable resources can be expensive. Literature searches, evaluating evidence and formulating an evidence based answer can be time consuming and impractical for a busy healthcare professional.

How to access our Medicines Information Service?
The telephone enquiry answering service is available during office hours (9.00 -17.00). Non-urgent enquiries may also be emailed. 

Medicines Information - For NHS Health Professionals Only
Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre
16/17 Framlington Place
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4AB
Tel. 0191 282 4631 (office hours)
Fax. 0191 261 8839

Our Staff
We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of Pharmacists, and specialist Medical Information Scientists. Additional medical support is provided by a consultant physician.

Our Resources
Along with the knowledge and experience of our staff, our resources include a wide range of pharmaceutical and biomedical information, such as online databases, books, journals, and in-house files.

We utilise standard UKMi search strategies to find the most relevant information in a systematic, accurate and timely manner.

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Who can use our service?
We can answer enquiries from both Primary and Secondary Care NHS health professionals in the former Northern and Yorkshire Region.

Secondary care
We answer MI enquiries from secondary care in support of their existing internal MI arrangements. This means that the caller will have consulted the more common core resources and then contact us for clarification or further research of a complex enquiry. We also offer non-enquiry answering support to the MI Services within secondary care throughout our region e.g. support for training or audit. Enquiries regarding a hospital inpatient or one treated recently in secondary care, or on medicines which have recently been initiated in secondary care, should be referred to the relevant local MI centre in the first instance. Follow this link for a directory of Medicines Information Services. Trusts based in Yorkshire would normally approach Leeds RMIC as a first port of call.

Primary Care
We offer support for all MI enquiries from the following localities:

North East & Cumbria
North Yorkshire & Humber
West Yorkshire

Our service is offered to all primary care NHS healthcare professionals including GPs, Community Pharmacists, CCG and CSU Medicines Optimisation teams, practice pharmacists, nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals.

If you are a member of the public requiring advice about medicines, please consult your local community pharmacy, the NHS or Medicines and drugs - NHS Choices.

What type of Enquiries Can We Answer?
With access to a wide variety of resources, we can answer the following types of calls.

Patient Specific or General Enquiries Herbal or complementary medicines
Administration of Medicines Pharmaceutical
Drugs in Pregnancy Pharmacology
Drugs in Lactation Adverse Effects
Drug Interactions Pharmacokinetics
Drug Identification Substance Misuse
Indications or contra- indications Evidence Review

Clinical Governance
As part of the UKMI network, our service conforms to national standards and specifications. Our centre is audited regularly and we can also provide audits to local MI centres within our area. We follow legal and ethical guidance produced by UKMI and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. All of our enquiries are peer reviewed.

We are an NHS service and are bound by Caldicott Guidelines and the Data Protection Act.

Contact Medicines Information - For NHS Health Professionals Only
Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre
16/17 Framlington Place
Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4AB
Tel. 0191 282 4631 (office hours)
Fax. 0191 261 8839