Education & Training

The Regional Drug and Therapeutics Centre promotes education and training for their staff but are also involved in providing Education and Training for other organisations on negotiation.

Staff at the RDTC are highly skilled in most areas of prescribing and medicines use; training can be provided on any of the following categories:

  • Critical Appraisal and Evaluation of Clinical Trial Data
  • Searching, Appraising, Interpreting and contextualising evidence.
  • Population vs Individual Decision Making
  • Safety Data/Information   
  • Prescribing Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Evaluating Pharmaceutical Company Marketing Materials
  • Academic Detailing Methods,
  • Horizon Scanning
  • Specific Therapeutic areas e.g. newer drugs for diabetes etc
  • Non Medical Prescribing
  • Poisoning Study Days
  • Drug use in Pregnancy

If you or your organisation is interested in any of these then please get in touch to discuss your training needs.