We can answer enquiries from both Primary and Secondary Care NHS health professionals in the former Northern and Yorkshire Region.

Secondary care

We answer MI enquiries from secondary care in support of their existing internal MI arrangements. This means that the caller will have consulted the more common core resources and then contact us for clarification or further research of a complex enquiry. We also offer non-enquiry answering support to the MI Services within secondary care throughout our region e.g. support for training or audit. Enquiries regarding a hospital inpatient or one treated recently in secondary care, or on medicines which have recently been initiated in secondary care, should be referred to the relevant local MI centre in the first instance. Follow this link for a directory of Medicines Information Services. Trusts based in Yorkshire would normally approach Leeds RMIC as a first port of call.

Primary Care

We offer support for all MI enquiries from the following localities:

North East & Cumbria
North Yorkshire & Humber
West Yorkshire

Our service is offered to all primary care NHS healthcare professionals including GPs, Community Pharmacists, CCG and CSU Medicines Optimisation teams, PCN, practice and care home pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals.