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Document Published
Comparison of SGLT2 inhibitors - replaced Apr 19
Comparison of GLP-1 mimetics - replaced Oct 18
Combination steroid inhalers (update 2018) Mar 18
Combination steroid inhalers (update 2017) Dec 17
Comparison of licensed buccal midazolam preparations Aug 17
Comparison of antimuscarinic drugs for overactive bladder syndrome Jun 17
Comparison of methylphenidate extended release preparations Apr 17
Comparison of GLP-1 mimetics - replaced Nov 15
FAQs on oral anticoagulant drugs Nov 15
Changes to BNF Chapters from Sept 2015 Oct 15
New BNF Chapter Format from Sept 2015 vs Old BNF Chapter Numerical Format Oct 15
New BNF Chapter format from Sept 2015 Oct 15
Comparison of DPP-4 inhibitors (Gliptins) Sep 15
Comparison of LAMA/LABAs - update Aug 15
Comparison of LAMA/LABAs - replaced Feb 15
Comparison of long-acting inhaled antimuscarinics (LAMAs) Feb 15