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NHS Medicines Optimisation Opportunities Dashboard 2023-24

At the end of July 2023 NHSE published guidance titled “National medicines optimisation opportunities 2023/24”. This guidance describes the 16 national medicines optimisation opportunities for the NHS in 2023/24, and signposts to resources to help with their implementation. It recommends Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) choose at least five medicines optimisation opportunities to focus and deliver […]

Transfer of prescribing from private provider to NHS GP

This publication aims to provide guidance on what NHS prescribers need to be aware of when they are asked by a private healthcare provider, and/or patient, to take on the regular prescribing of a medication for a patient, including medicines supplied under formal shared care agreements. Based on suggested best practice it discusses the principles […]

Problematic Polypharmacy:  Prescribing Cascades Evidence Evaluation

Problematic polypharmacy is a significant concern with overprescribing and occurs where the prescribing of multiple medicines is either inappropriate or where the intended benefit of the medication is not realised. Prescribing cascades contribute to problematic polypharmacy because they can lead to inappropriate medication use, adverse drug reactions, poor outcomes and increased healthcare resource use that […]

North of England Integrated Care Systems; Overprescribing

This bulletin provides an update on key primary care prescribing trends in the North of England, which relate to ‘Overprescribing’; incorporating ‘Polypharmacy’. It provides a snapshot of overprescribing in the North of England Integrated Care Systems, including the percentage of patients receiving five or more unique analgesic medicines, and those receiving three unique medicines (not […]

Antimicrobial prescribing across the North of England

This bulletin provides an update on the current primary care antimicrobial prescribing trends at ICS level in the North of England. It specifically focuses on primary care prescribing, including the top 10 antibacterial drugs prescribed and the variation in the proportion of broad spectrum antibacterials prescribed across the ICSs.

Safer Medication Use – Opioids and gabapentinoids

The use of combination opioids and gabapentinoids is associated with an increased risk of adverse events. Gabapentinoid overdose is much more likely to be fatal when combined with opioids and there is a greater risk of gabapentinoid dependence in patients with a history of opioid use disorder. There are limited circumstances when patients should be […]

Long-Term Use Of PPIs – Bulletin

Long-term use of PPIs is not recommended in several indications as it has been linked to adverse effects including hypomagnesaemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, increased fracture risk and increased risk of MI. This bulletin aims to highlight the current national guidance, potential adverse effects associated with long term PPI use and prescribing patterns on a CCG […]

Safer Medication Use – Ethanol in oral medicines for children

Ethanol is commonly used as an excipient in medicines, which is problematic in several patient groups but particularly so in children. The effects of chronic exposure to even small amounts of alcohol have not been well studied in children. In particular, phenobarbital elixir contains ethanol in such high amounts that children may ingest the equivalent […]