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NHS Medicines Optimisation Opportunities Dashboard 2023-24

At the end of July 2023 NHSE published guidance titled “National medicines optimisation opportunities 2023/24”. This guidance describes the 16 national medicines optimisation opportunities for the NHS in 2023/24, and signposts to resources to help with their implementation. It recommends Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) choose at least five medicines optimisation opportunities to focus and deliver […]

Antibacterial drugs

This report looks at prescribing trends in primary care for antibacterial drugs at SICBL and ICB level with particular focus on prescribing volume of antibacterial agents such as cephalosporins, quinolones, macrolides and tetracyclines. Prescribing data is weighted with STAR-PU prescribing measures, and incorporates C. difficile rates and non-medical prescribing. If you have any queries about […]

Antimicrobial prescribing across the North of England

This bulletin provides an update on the current primary care antimicrobial prescribing trends at ICS level in the North of England. It specifically focuses on primary care prescribing, including the top 10 antibacterial drugs prescribed and the variation in the proportion of broad spectrum antibacterials prescribed across the ICSs.

Antibiotic Use in Children: Prescribing trends

This bulletin aims to highlight variation in total antimicrobial prescribing volume in children, defined here as 0-14 years. It specifically focuses on the proportion of unique patients prescribed regular antimicrobials throughout 12 months. National antimicrobial guidance, good practice guidance and resources are identified to help support good prescribing in practice. There are three versions of […]

Antibiotic use in children: liquid vs. solid oral dosage forms

This bulletin addresses cost-effective prescribing of oral antimicrobials in children without dysphagia. Liquid antimicrobial preparations are significantly more expensive than solid oral dosage forms, so the bulletin aims topresent the current prescribing patterns of antimicrobial formulations in the paediatric population on a CCG Level. There are three versions of this publication; please select the appropriate […]