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NICE TA875; Semaglutide for managing obesity: A briefing for ICSs  

In March 2023 NICE published TA875: Technology Appraisal guidance for semaglutide (Wegovy®) for managing overweight and obesity. The guidance recommends semaglutide as an option for weight management when prescribed by a specialist service alongside a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity in adults if they meet the criteria specified. This briefing aims to provide advice […]

Budget impact of metformin 1g immediate release tablet prescribing

The purpose of this bulletin is to highlight the rapid increase in price of metformin 1g tablets over the last year, and to raise awareness of the difference in price of metformin 1g immediate release (IR) tablets compared with 500mg IR tablets. It considers the potential budget impact to primary care of prescribing metformin 1g […]

North of England Integrated Care Systems; Overprescribing

This bulletin provides an update on key primary care prescribing trends in the North of England, which relate to ‘Overprescribing’; incorporating ‘Polypharmacy’. It provides a snapshot of overprescribing in the North of England Integrated Care Systems, including the percentage of patients receiving five or more unique analgesic medicines, and those receiving three unique medicines (not […]

Reducing the carbon impact of inhalers across the North of England

This bulletin provides baseline figures on the current Inhaler Carbon Footprint at ICS level in the North of England, in order that systems can identify the level of response to be undertaken. It examines the current carbon footprint attributed to Inhalers in the North East and Yorkshire and the North West. It also analyses the […]

Antimicrobial prescribing across the North of England

This bulletin provides an update on the current primary care antimicrobial prescribing trends at ICS level in the North of England. It specifically focuses on primary care prescribing, including the top 10 antibacterial drugs prescribed and the variation in the proportion of broad spectrum antibacterials prescribed across the ICSs.

Atrial Fibrillation [NICE NG196]: Financial and commissioning impact

In April 2021, NICE published a new guideline NG196 – Atrial fibrillation: diagnosis and management which updates and replaces NICE CG180 (2014). There are a number of new recommendations, which are likely to have both a significant financial impact and potentially affect the way anticoagulation monitoring is managed. This bulletin aims to raise awareness of […]

Impact of Priadel Price Change on CCG Prescribing Budgets

This bulletin aims to raise awareness of the NHS price increase for Priadel® (lithium carbonate) tablets as of November 2020 and the resulting cost impact to primary care. While discussions between the DHSC and the manufacturer of Priadel have prevented its discontinuation from the UK market at this stage, the renegotiated price in November 2020 […]

Antibiotic Use in Children: Prescribing trends

This bulletin aims to highlight variation in total antimicrobial prescribing volume in children, defined here as 0-14 years. It specifically focuses on the proportion of unique patients prescribed regular antimicrobials throughout 12 months. National antimicrobial guidance, good practice guidance and resources are identified to help support good prescribing in practice. There are three versions of […]

Oral Vitamin B supplementation

This document aims to support the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees (RMOC) position statement; “Oral vitamin B supplementation in alcoholism” by identifying CCGs and geographical areas where prescribing within primary care may not be in line with the recommendations. There is ongoing prescribing of vitamin B complex products despite national and local recommendations that this should […]

Antibiotic use in children: liquid vs. solid oral dosage forms

This bulletin addresses cost-effective prescribing of oral antimicrobials in children without dysphagia. Liquid antimicrobial preparations are significantly more expensive than solid oral dosage forms, so the bulletin aims topresent the current prescribing patterns of antimicrobial formulations in the paediatric population on a CCG Level. There are three versions of this publication; please select the appropriate […]