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New and recent publications
Monthly Financial Headlines
Price Concessionary Bulletin
Budget impact of metformin 1g immediate release tablet prescribing
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – June 2024
Shared care protocol – methylphenidate in adults
Monthly formulary amendments – May 2024
NHS Medicines Optimisation Opportunities Dashboard 2023-24
Resource demo sessions
Top 50 BNF sections and drugs
Antibacterial – MO opportunities
Drug Tariff Monitor
Prescribing Update Newsletter – May 2024
Incorporating primary and secondary care prescribing data to better understand the ICS
Antimicrobial prescribing across primary and secondary care
Shared care protocol – dexamfetamine in adults
Shared care protocol – lisdexamfetamine in adults
Formulary assessment – Calcifediol soft capsules
Inhaler Carbon Footprint – MO opportunities
Polypharmacy – MO opportunities
Formulary assessment – Methylphenidate 2mg/ml oral solution
Opioids – MO opportunities
Cardiovascular – MO opportunities
Antidepressants – MO opportunities
Sodium Valproate – MO opportunities
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – May 2024
Shared care protocol – atomoxetine in adults
Shared care protocol – guanfacine in adults
Shared care protocol – hydroxycarbamide in adults
Blood Glucose Test Strips – MO opportunities
Low priority prescribing – MO opportunities
Formulary assessment – Fezolinetant (Veoza)
Fezolinetant for treating vasomotor symptoms associated with the menopause
Monthly formulary amendments – April 2024
Prescribing Update Newsletter – April 2024
Cost Comparison Charts
Social Prescribing: Evidence and Outcomes
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – April 2024
Shared care protocol – leflunomide in adults
Shared care protocol – methotrexate in adults (excluding cancer)
Teriparatide for treatment of osteoporosis in men aged over 50 years
Optimised prescribing of oral iron supplements for iron deficiency anaemia
Prescribing Update Newsletter – March 2024
Monthly formulary amendments – March 2024
Formulary assessment – Levomepromazine (Levorol) 6.25mg tablets
Shared care protocol – lithium in adults
Annual Horizon Scanning Report – 2024-2025 (updated March 2024)
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – March 2024
Shared care protocol – sulfasalazine in adults
Shared care protocol – mycophenolate mofetil & mycophenolic acid in adults (non-transplant)
Shared care protocol – azathioprine and mercaptopurine for adults
Prescribing Update Newsletter – February 2024
Monthly formulary amendments – February 2024
Formulary assessment – Melatonin (Ceyesto) 1mg/ml oral solution
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – February 2024
Shared care protocol – ciclosporin (oral) for adults (non-transplant)
Monthly formulary amendments – January 2024
Comparison of DOACs for Atrial Fibrillation
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – January 2024
Shared care protocol – hydroxychloroquine for adults
Shared care protocol – riluzole for adults
Shared care protocol – amiodarone for adults
Shared care protocol – dronedarone for adults
Defining the type-2 diabetic population: a first step to understanding the impact of pathway choices
Budget impact of paracetamol 250mg/5ml oral suspension
Budget impact of emollient bath and shower preparations
Sustainability: Environmental impact of inhaler disposal
Budget impact of acetylcysteine vs carbocisteine
Budget impact of promethazine prescribing
Transfer of prescribing from private provider to NHS GP
Budget impact of methylphenidate modified release tablet choice
Prescribing Update Newsletter – July 2023