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New and recent publications
NICE TA875; Semaglutide for managing obesity: A briefing for ICSs  
Monthly Formulary Amendments – February 2023
Formulary assessment –Tacalcitol (Curatoderm) Lotion and Ointment
Problematic Polypharmacy:  Prescribing Cascades Evidence Evaluation
Prescribing Update Newsletter – February 2023
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – February 2023
Monthly Formulary Amendments – January 2023
Polypharmacy & Overprescribing: Opioid population health management
Polypharmacy & Overprescribing: Opioid patient demographics
Polypharmacy & Overprescribing: Opioid patient populations
Budget impact of metformin 1g immediate release tablet prescribing
Annual Horizon Scanning Report – 2023-24
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – January 2023
Formulary assessment – Morphine sulfate (Actimorph) orodispersible tablets
Monthly Formulary Amendments – December 2022
Prescribing Update Newsletter – December 2022
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – December 2022
Polypharmacy and overprescribing: overview
Monthly Formulary Amendments – November 2022
Formulary assessment – Trifarotene (Aklief)
Monthly Formulary Amendments – October 2022
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – November 2022
Prescribing Update Newsletter – October 2022
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – October 2022
Monthly Formulary Amendments – September 2022
Formulary assessment – Glucagon (Ogluo)
Comparison of DPP-4 inhibitors (Gliptins)
Formulary assessment – metolazone (Xaqua)
Optimising the use of morphine 10mg/5mL oral solution in primary care (Update)
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – September 2022
Monthly Formulary Amendments – August 2022
Prescribing Update Newsletter – August 2022
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – August 2022
Monthly Formulary Amendments – July 2022
Formulary assessment – melatonin (Adaflex) for ADHD
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – July 2022
Monthly Formulary Amendments – June 2022
Budesonide orodispersible tablets for maintenance of remission in eosinophilic oesophagitis
Electronic repeat dispensing: Understanding the prescribing population & initial barriers to uptake
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – June 2022
Monthly Formulary Amendments – May 2022
Prescribing Update Newsletter – May 2022
Formulary assessment – estradiol/progesterone (Bijuve) for HRT
Formulary assessment – tirbanibulin (Klisyri)
Estradiol / progesterone (Bijuve®) for hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – May 2022
Formulary assessment – estradiol spray (Lenzetto)
Formulary assessment – testosterone 2% gel (Tostran) in post-menopausal women
Monthly Formulary Amendments – April 2022
Formulary assessment – Dacepton (apomorphine)
Comparison of DOACs for Atrial Fibrillation
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – April 2022
Prescribing Update Newsletter – March 2022
Formulary assessment – levomepromazine 6mg tablets
Formulary assessment – indapamide 1.5mg modified release
Monthly Formulary Amendments – March 2022
Monthly Horizon Scanning Report – March 2022
Insulin aspart Sanofi (Trurapi): Biosimilar Insulin Aspart