The provision of high-quality, timely information and expert advice remains essential to the commissioning and delivery of safe, clinically excellent and cost-effective healthcare. The Prescribing Analysis and Support Unit is commissioned to provide strategic prescribing support services to Integrated Care Systems, Clinical Commissioning Groups, other primary care organisations, and NHS Hospital Trusts in the North of England.

The unit delivers a broad range of services relating to prescribing and the use of medicines. This encompasses primary care prescribing data analysis, supporting local decision making groups, conducting high-quality critical appraisals of recently-licensed or existing drugs on the UK market, and provision of expert training.

The support provided by the unit in prescribing and medicines optimisation aims to help primary care organisation address some of the challenges associated with the medicines optimisation agenda, such as high deprivation and high disease prevalence, and manage the impact that this has on the prescribing budget. In addition the unique blend of services and proactive support provided by the unit allows specialist knowledge and expertise to be shared across stakeholders reducing duplication of effort and facilitating best and equitable use of limited resources.