At the end of July 2023 NHSE published guidance titled “National medicines optimisation opportunities 2023/24”. This guidance describes the 16 national medicines optimisation opportunities for the NHS in 2023/24, and signposts to resources to help with their implementation. It recommends Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) choose at least five medicines optimisation opportunities to focus and deliver on alongside their local medicines optimisation priorities. Progress against chosen opportunities will be reviewed using available data.

This report focuses on the appropriate prescribing and supply of blood glucose and ketone meters and testing strips and has data at SICBL, ICB and Commissioning Region level.

In 2023, NHS England published Commissioning recommendations following the national assessment of blood glucose and ketone meters, testing strips and lancets. This details the recommended meters, strips and lancets, that following evaluation have been determined to have the highest quality and be most cost effective.

NHS England Aim: to utilise the best value blood glucose and ketone meters, and testing strips.

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Data period

January 2021 to December 2023