21st Dec 2015

Our new report 'Potential Generic Savings' for the period July to September 2015 is now online.

21st Dec 2015

Antimicrobial reports for April 2015 to September 2015 are now avialable.

15th Dec 2015

December 2015 Monthly Horizon Scanning Report now available

30th Nov 2015

Our new reports 'Top 50 Expenditure' (comprising top 50 BNF drugs and top 50 BNF sections) for the period April 2015 to September 2015 ar

25th Nov 2015

September 2015 reports now online.

23rd Nov 2015

Two new prescriber support tools are now available on-line:  A comparison of GLP-1 mimetics (stakeholders onl

17th Nov 2015

We have moved the location of our Cost Comparison Chart documents.

17th Nov 2015

 A brief Evaluation report on the unlicensed use of topical gabapentin is now available on-line

13th Nov 2015

Drug Tariff monitors for October 2015 are now online.


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