19th Feb 2015

The new Safer Medication Use bulletin on Nefopam is now online.

18th Feb 2015

We have added the following documents to the Prescrib

17th Feb 2015

December 2014 reports now online.

12th Feb 2015

Drug Tariff monitors for January 2015 are now online.

4th Feb 2015

New Switch Saving Calculators for January 2015 are now online.

29th Jan 2015

Our new reports 'Laxatives' for April 2014 to September 2014 are now online.These documents are available to our stakeholders only (usern

29th Jan 2015

Our Drugs affecting bone metabolism report - April 2014 to September 2014 is now online.This document is available to our stakeholders on

27th Jan 2015

November 2014 reports now online.

14th Aug 2015

If you are a Stakeholder and commission our services and are looking for our prescribing reports and publications you will need to regist


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