10th Mar 2020

The prescribing bulletin on oral vitamin B supplementation is now available to stakeholders.

9th Mar 2020

Our new reports 'Top 50 Expenditure' (comprising top 50 BNF drugs and top 50 BNF sections) for the period April 2019 to December 2019 are

3rd Mar 2020

December 2019 reports are now online. These documents are available to our stakeholders only (username and password required).

25th Feb 2020

The New Drug Evaluation for inhaled levodopa for the treatment of episodic motor fluctuations in Parkinson’s disease is now available to

18th Feb 2020

Our Switch Saving Calculators have been updated for February 2020. The Excel document is available to stakeholders only.

14th Feb 2020

The Drug Tariff monitor for January 2020 is now online. This is available to our stakeholders only (username and password required).

14th Feb 2020

The Drugs for Genito-urinary disorders report updated with 2019/2020 Q2 data is now available online.

11th Feb 2020
Our February 2020 Monthly Horizon Scanning Report is now available.
7th Feb 2020

The Drugs affecting bone metabolism and Items not to be routinely prescribed reports for April 2019 to September 2019 are now available.

7th Feb 2020

Our NCSO bulletins for January 2020 are now available.


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