The RDTC are proud to share our newly updated website. The new site is streamlined to make it easier for you to see everything we produce, and find exactly what you need with a few clicks.

You can visit the site home page to find out more about all of the services hosted by the centre, or head to the Prescribing Support landing page to take a look at the new layout for our content. The new layout allows you to:

  • Click on a topic to see everything we produce in that area, from prescribing data analysis to evidence evaluation.
  • Click on “search publications” to do some finer searching, filtering outputs by topic and type to find exactly what you need.

We hope you’ll find the new layout intuitive and easy to use, but don’t hesitate to send us an email or a Twitter message if you have any problems.

You’ll need to re-register using the form at this link to download files, but the form is quick and easy.

We welcome all feedback; please get in touch at