The RDTC has published a new Strategic Insights report on Electronic Repeat Dispensing: understanding the prescribing population & initial barriers to uptake.

Strategic Insight reports are designed to support strategic objectives and planning by Integrated Care System (ICS) leaders. Through the analysis of data and communication with key stakeholders across the ICS, interventions to be undertaken by the ICS are proposed to Integrated Care Boards or associated committees.

This report highlights the benefits of electronic repeat dispensing (eRD) and examines its use at ICS level in the North of England, in order to support systems in identifying where prescribing processes may be further streamlined.

Additional funding from NHS England regional teams has enabled this publication to be made available to non-stakeholders across the North East and Yorkshire, and North West. Further titles in this series will follow, see our work plan for more details.

If you have any queries or comments about this publication, please do not hesitate to contact us at