NHS Medicines Optimisation Opportunities Dashboard 2023-24

At the end of July 2023 NHSE published guidance titled “National medicines optimisation opportunities 2023/24”. This guidance describes the 16 national medicines optimisation opportunities for the NHS in 2023/24, and signposts to resources to help with their implementation. It recommends Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) choose at least five medicines optimisation opportunities to focus and deliver on alongside their local medicines optimisation priorities. Progress against chosen opportunities will be reviewed using available data.

The RDTC has developed a Northern regions dashboard to highlight the current position of the ICBs across the North of England in relation to these 16 priorities. It will incorporate the metrics that are being developed nationally, but also include metrics which are designed to support medicines optimisation opportunities across the North.

Metrics within this dashboard continue to be developed and updates will be communicated out to stakeholders as they happen. We do not at this time intend to include sub ICB level data.

Stakeholders can find the dashboard at this link.

Security warnings in Excel files

Following a recent change Microsoft has introduced new security measures to protect users against malicious Excel macros. Previously users may have seen the following message when opening RDTC Excel reports and by selecting Enable Content would allow users to use the spreadsheet with full functionality.

Following the recent change some users may receive the following message when opening our reports:

Many of our reports use macros to update when the viewing options are changed to select the appropriate ICB or sub-ICB. Stakeholders can address the security message by following the instructions by clicking on the Learn More option when the message appears. These options are summarised below, and a downloadable copy is available here.

Unblock all files from a specific network share or website

A preferable option is to set a network location or website as a trusted site in Windows so a macro from the site won’t be checked (this may require assistance from local IT services as Trusted sites may be blocked).

  1. Tap the start button or Windows key and type Internet Options.
  2. Select Internet Options from the search results and the Internet Properties dialog box will appear.
  3. On the Security tab, select Trusted Sites, then select Sites.
  4. Type the URL of the site or server that contains the Microsoft 365 files with the macros you want to run, and then select Add.
  5. Select Close and then OK.

Unblock a single file

  1. After downloading the file, open the Windows File Explorer and go to the folder where you saved the file.
  2. Right-click the file and choose Properties from the context menu.
  3. At the bottom of the General tab, select the Unblock checkbox and select OK.

A downloadable version of these instructions is available here. If you have any questions or have difficulties in opening reports, please email us on nuth.nyrdtc.rxsupp@nhs.net.