10th Jun 2021

The new evaluation report on the use of solriamfetol in the treatment of narcolepsy is now online.

3rd Jun 2021

The latest Price Concession bulletin based on May 2021 prices is now available online for stakeholders only.

2nd Jun 2021
The latest Prescribing Support Update Newsletter is now online. 
2nd Jun 2021

Our new reports 'Top 50 Expenditure' (comprising top 50 BNF sections and drugs) for the period April 2020 to DMarch 2021 are now online.

25th May 2021

March 2021 reports are now online. These documents are available to our stakeholders only (username and password required).

17th May 2021
Our May 2021 Monthly Horizon Scanning Report is now available.
17th May 2021

Our Switch Saving Calculators have been updated for May 2021. The document is available to stakeholders only.

12th May 2021

Our Cost Comparison Charts have been updated for April 2021.

11th May 2021

The Drug Tariff monitor for April 2021 is now online. This is available to our stakeholders only (username and password required).

10th May 2021

The antibacterial drugs report for April to December 2020 is now available.


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