27th Sep 2018

We have given our Drug Tariff Monitor an overhaul, redesigned to operate under the same layout as our therapeutic reports and incorporati

20th Sep 2018

July 2018 reports are now online.

18th Sep 2018

The latest Prescribing Support Update Newsletter is now online.

12th Sep 2018

Drug Tariff monitors for August 2018 are now online.

12th Sep 2018

April 2018 to June 2018 Growth Contrast Tool now online.

12th Sep 2018

Our new reports 'Top 50 Expenditure' (comprising top 50 BNF drugs and top 50 BNF sections) for the period April 2018 to June 2017 are now

10th Sep 2018
September 2018 Monthly Horizon Scanning Report is now available.
23rd Aug 2018

Our new report 'Potential Generic Savings' for the period April to June 2018 is now online.

23rd Aug 2018

June 2018 reports are now online.

8th Aug 2018
Our Cost Comparison Charts and Switch Saving Calculators have been updated for August 2018 following the amendment to Category M reimbu


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